October 12th 1982

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Another Polynesian postcard to fill in the space until we can return to more relevant photos from our travels

Fun and games, fun and games.  Calm again today – you’ve got to laugh, haven’t you.  As we’re now south of Tauranga + there’s a great chunk of land in the way called East Cape, we’ve turned about + gone on to a NW tack… except it’s far more north than west.  Not that we moved very far for most of the day.  We had buttered toast for breakfast, which made a very pleasant change, except I managed to burn myself.  Had some beans for lunch, + then I cooked up the corned beef meal (I shall have to think up a name for it – how about spotted cow.)  Then, come evening, up came the wind again, same direction, + blew another gale all night.  It’s a life, I tell you.  Heard the Glums on the radio tho’.

Very little to report on, so I shall comment on the one positive of the day, The Glums on the radio. Yet another example of classic British radio comedy from the 50s and 60s that we seem to have bashed into, alongt with Jimmy Clitheroe in Belize, and, if I remember rightly, Tony Hancock aboard Alma (much to Jack’s distaste.) All providing not just a taste of home, but flavoured with lashings of nostalgia as well.

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