October 11th 1982

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Another place-serving postcard – seemed appropriate, all the same

Fucking miserable.  Calm yesterday, storm today.  Back to the same old thing again – vast heaving seas + a whistling wind.  Needless to say, still from the SW, still keeping us out from Tauranga.  For the past week or so, Doug has been setting our ETA as about another 3 or 4 days.  In fact, if anything it’s now extended.  It reminds me of the 7-10 days  we used to quote for the arrival of goods, to put off customers at the Oval toy shop.  Except Doug isn’t trying to put us off.  We just don’t seem to be able to get any closer.  We’re about 200 miles away this evening – that’s 2 days’ run, more or less.  But it doesn’t look like happening. 

We finished the beer today.  I’m not really sorry.  I’m just about peaking on alcohol  + could do with a breather.  Doug has switched to rum at lunchtime – I’ve gone on to tea.  Doug cooked up some very tasty rissoles for dinner.  But this marked the end of all our frozen meat, plus the end of our fresh vegetables.  Ah well, I don’t suppose we’ll starve.  Tho’ at the rate we’re going I wouldn’t bank on it.

Lack of beer a serious issue… for Doug, at least. It does seem to be the case that we are gritting our teeth and waiting for it all to end.

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