October 10th 1982

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Hiva Oa harbour – we camped on the hill above the new dock, next to the building

Well, just for a change, instead of a calm overnight, we had a storm.  And it refused to let off as the day wore on – in fact, it got worse and worse.  The worst thing was that the fantastically fierce winds came from exactly the wrong quarter, forcing us to head south to get around it.  And with bad weather, of course, nothing but bangs + crashes as we fell off waves, as one is thrown across the cabin, as the smallest task, making a cup of tea or going to the toilet, is of immense difficulty.  Life at 45 degrees is hard.  Just about the only encouraging news all day was that West Ham beat Liverpool 3-1 and are now 2nd in the league, behind Man Utd.  Bloody fantastic.  Except it all seems a bit familiar.  It was just about a year ago that West Ham were top.  They faded.

Once again, it does somewhat amaze me now that we were quite so free of care during this trip. Neither of us had any experience of sailing, and we were being thrown around in the southern ocean, and it was all just a bit uncomfortable, as opposed to absolutely terrifying, as I am sure I would find it now.

And we were still able to keep up with the football results. Not that it was so very much different then as now, as regards West Ham, except that we can only dream of being 2nd nowadays. Not unless we get bought by some billionaire ruler of a country with a dubious human rights record. But otherwise, just a case of raising hopes only for them to fade. Even the club song talks about “pretty bubbles in the air… which like my dreams will fade and die.” Doomed and we know it.

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