October 5th 1982

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The bad weather came back today, the wind + the waves between them throwing us all over the shop.  The biggest nuisance is that the wind is a south-westerly, ie is coming from where we want to go, so forcing us to head on an indirect course, almost due south, in fact.  Last night I wrote out the words to quite a few songs – Doug has a tape of sea shanties + I used the ones I liked, + today Val + I worked out the tunes on a penny whistle.  I’ll probably have to wait until I get to some traditional folk club back in England before I sin them tho’ – I don’t think anyone else will appreciate them.

Apart from that, very little of note to the day.  I read a bit more of my book, + for dinner cooked up the aforementioned corned beef dish, which rather to my surprise turned out well, + was much appreciated all round.  By the way, in last night’s dream,  I was in a movie.(Now why would that be in my mind?) but had a miniscule role (figures.)  There was a clear scene I remember with a little girl peeling an orange with a piece of string.  Freudian, do you think?  Hm.

So who would have thought that sea shanties should suddenly make a comeback. Or at least one has – The Weatherman. Val and I saw The Longest Johns, one of the original bands who popularised it, at Towersey festival this summer, and very good they were too.

More dream stuff – sorry about that.

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