October 4th 1982

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Bora Bora at midnight

Some improvement in the weather today, + we found with the noon shot that we hadn’t done at all badly overnight.  The wind is still from the SW, + so preventing us from shooting straight at our target, but at least we can go south, + by getting away from the Kermadec islands, give ourselves enough sea-room to manoeuvre.  For lunch, we had the remainder of the macaroni cheese (oh no!) that Doug mixed up with some scrambled eggs (and consequently ruining the eggs, in my opinion.)  But we did have a nice dinner.  Doug cooked up kidneys, taters, onions, + a vegetable new to us, a choko – very nice.  I discussed the food conversation of last night with Val, + she agreed with me that it was unfair to accuse me of grossly out-eating everyone else, but pointed out that that was the impression I gave, first because I like to eat bread after a meal, + also because I’ll eat up left-overs when they’re offered.  She’s right, of course, but its saddening that people don’t mean what they say.  Specifically, in this case, Doug telling us to tuck into the food when we want.

I’ve started reading a more substantial book – The Collapse of the Third Republic – a weighty examination of French history leading up to their defeat by the Germans in 1940.  It’s good.

Val being diplomatic as ever, pointing out the wrong on both sides. And I seem to recall that I was prescient enough to observe in an early post that I should beware my appetite.

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