October 1st 1982

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Rough seas

A not particularly notable, not particularly pleasant day.  The weather was pretty bad virtually all day, + built up to a nasty storm in the early evening.  (It’s 10 pm now, + we’re still being thrown about – makes it difficult to write.)  We heard from Dick on VHF for probably the last time – we were able to have a reasonable conversation in the morning, but later on when he called we could do no more than acknowledge each other’s presence – the signal was too broken up.  Still, he’s told us to contact him in Auckland, so I’m sure we’ll do that.

I read two complete crappy novels today – I must try to spend my time more productively.  Val + I bickered – we’re living too close, I think.  And nice tho’ Doug is, I won’t be sorry to part from him.  He’s patient with people + impatient with things… which is probably better than vice versa, but is wearing for us, who have to listen to him slamming tools around.  He cooked curried eggs tonight, which was nice, but he would keep getting angry at the heaving sea.  Something more futile it is difficult to imagine.

A certain amount of tension on board, so it would seem, with no opportunity to get away from each other.

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