September 30th 1982

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An old photo from Bora Bora – Val reading

Rather a dull day, if the truth be told.  The weather was really pretty gorgeous, with lots of sunshine… but no wind.  So we buggered about in the middle of the ocean, getting nowhere, + getting Doug mad.  In port, Doug claims that he doesn’t care how long a journey takes, but this doesn’t prove true in practice – he gets really mad when we don’t get anywhere.

I spent most of the day reading, finishing one book, reading another right thro’ (my first Dick Francis thriller, + very enjoyable it was too, + then starting another.  Macaroni cheese for dinner – it’d a favourite of Doug’s, but I’m starting to loathe the stuff.  Swings + roundabouts, that’s life.  We’ve been with Dick on + off all day, but drifted apart during the late afternoon.  I think Doug has become tired of the effort required to keep us together, + has quite happily resigned himself to saying goodbye to Blue Moves overnight.  I think it’s rather a shame, but then I’m not the boss.

Little to comment upon here, with just a pretty tedious day at sea, though it does also mark the end of our maritime relationship with Dick and Blue Moves.

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