September 27th 1982

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One way and another, a pretty good day today, as days at sea go.  We started off with a magnificent breakfast cooked by yours truly: bacon, scrambled ages, + fried tomato… Plus bread + butter of course.  And jam.  And tea.  Who could ask for anything more.  And then, while that was being digested, I got stuck in to a game of Battleships with Dick over the VHF – amazing the inane uses a piece of high-technology can be put to isn’t it.  I beat him tho’, which is the main thing.  While we were playing, + unknown to Dick, Thyme + Blue Moves wer4e getting closer to one another.  So much so, that had we known we could have shouted the shots across + saved on the battery.

A busy but lazy afternoon.  Val got going on some mending + altering, while I first got this bloody thing up to date (you won’t believe it, but it is actually Sept 27th as I write this), + then copied out all our addresses knot the back of this book.  Heather gave us quite a few – she’s a lovely girl – + there were a couple from Corky, plus all the old favourites  that we’ve been dragging around with us for the past 16 months or so.  In the afternoon, having racked my brain for a different game to play with Dick across the radio (he doesn’t have a chess set).  Eventually, IO hit on the answer: Mastermind (not the TV show.)  Dick had never played it before, but he cottoned on fast.  We played fairly simple versions, + I did beat him in both games we played, but it was enjoyable.  Obviously, as the lone sailor Dick is deriving benefit from having unexpected company, but I’m enjoying the variety his presence is providing.  Val cooked up a smashing dinner, tho’ she had me to thank for at least half of it, since there was loads of stew left over from last night, + she turned it into a curry.  It was my idea too.  Bloody marvellous tho’.

Doug was very pleased this evening that despite the intransigence of the Australian ham operator (called Bruce – what else?) last night, he was still able to get a message from his Australian friend – nothing could have delighted him more.  Despite not being required to do so, I stayed up for a couple of hours.  It was an absolutely gorgeous night, I felt wide-awake, + on Radio Bay of Plenty they had an American rock chart show coming in clean + clear, so I just enjoyed myself sitting up in the cockpit, listening to some new music.  Of course, being American, most of it is more of the same old names: Fleetwood Mac, Eagles, etc.  Dick has been moving away from us slowly, but since during my watch it was his job to keep in touch with us, I didn’t let it bother me.

Apologies if I have already used the photo above; am writing this in something of a hurry, and looking back through all the other posts is something of an impossible chore. But I am, as predicted, in something of a hole regarding photos, as we took so few. Am rather puzzled that I can’t find any of Blue Moves in our albumor the box of rejects – which is surprising as I have referred to taking them. But maybe we handed them all over to Dick, when we saw him again (spoiler alert.) Not that this is relevant especially, but I am also (as of 2022) back in sync. Val and I have been away for two weeks, but by the miracle of modern technology, plus by putting in a lot of effort to catch forward, I was able to set this machine to release them daily, automatically.

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