September 25th 1982

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Not a very exciting day – very few days at sea are.  It’s a popular misconception, I’d say, that the small boat sailor’s life is fraught with excitement.  It can be uncomfortable at times, especially if the weather is unpleasant or changeable, but much of the time is spent lazing around.  I finished an Agatha Christie book today – not one of her better ones tho’.  When the noon shots were taken, Thyme + Blue Moves were supposed to be one mile apart.  They weren’t tho’ – at least Dick was hiding if that was the case.  We had a fabulous lunch – Doug cooked up toasted sandwiches in a splendid little tool he has.  One was egg + onion, the other beans + onion – they were both marvellous.  Doug also cooked the evening meal – an oxtail stew.  Very nice indeed.  Especially since he’s not feeling too good, having picked up an unpleasant cold in Rarotonga.  I managed to make a mess of my night watch, oversleeping.  Mind you, I blame Doug.  We’re taking comfy watches right now, just a quick scout round every hour, + I wasn’t woken up properly.

Searching round for a scapegoat, I’d say – don’t really think I can blame Doug (good job he didn’t read this.) So once again, the highlight of the day is what we ate.

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