September 23rd 1982

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Val and Doug

Particularly in view of the fact that we are now five days advanced from Sept 23rd – I still haven’t caught up on the old diary) it wasn’t a particularly notable day.  Still, I’ll write down what I can remember.  Very much to our surprise, Blue Moves was still with us.  Only on the radio, until nightfall, that is, when we switched lights on + could see the bugger again.  I was still feeling a little low, + Val was still feeling rather queasy.  However, I cooked up a roast meal with bangers in the evening, + that seemed to go down very well.  Which is about it for the day.  You will notice that seaborne entries are much shorter than landlocked ones.  It’s quite simple – not much goes on.  Oh, a Dougism, since we haven’t had one for quite a while – “I wouldn’t be dead for a million pounds.”

Absolutely, not much goes on. Until it does, I suppose, but fortunately we never really had to encounter anything resembling real danger. Used that same Dougism today (on the golf course, as it happens) and it raised a smile.

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