September 21st 1982

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Helaine leaving (with Heather)

Today was the occasion of the only unpleasantness we’ve encountered with Doug.  Just after breakfast, when we were down in the cabin alone, he accused me of lack of consideration for others in drinking a couple of beers last night, since that upset the number of cold beers he had around this morning.  And it wasn’t light criticism either – he was clearly quite upset.  He made it clear he didn’t want me to drink beer in the evening, + suggested, or more than suggested, that I buy a case of beer.  Which is a curious reaction to the drinking of 2 or 3 cans of beer one evening.  The whole incident greatly upset me, first because it seemed to me totally unnecessary – if Doug wanted things done on his boat in a particular way, then all he had to do was ask, + I would be happy to agree.  Also, up till now, I’d felt perfectly comfortable living with Doug – he’d always seemed reasonable + good-humoured about everything.  Sad he’d swept that away with a few words.

We were meant to leave today sometime, so Val + I went over to take a shower.  We’d intended to go into town together, but she shot off alone as soon as she’d finished her shower.  When I came out I started to follow her but then changed my mind.  My heart wasn’t in it, + in any case I thought I’d better go + buy this beer before the liquor store shut, in case Doug wanted to shove off at lunchtime.  We didn’t, of course.  Doug was waylaid in the Hibiscus, + didn’t reappear till the afternoon.  In the meantime, Helaine, with Heather aboard, pulled out.  They had a good deal of trouble with their anchor – we were rather worried for a while, since we thought we might have hooked each other, but eventually they got themselves free + were off.  Dick appeared a little later with the news that we wouldn’t be leaving till tomorrow.  Doug was back a bit later, + then his friend Don + his wife Dianne turned up.  Quite a little party we were, which must have been the reason for tucking into the rum (not that a reason is ever required for drinking aboard Thyme.)  And we were even more of a party when Bruce + Sid off the freighter came out to visit.  I wouldn’t have minded too much except all the company meant we weren’t getting our dinner.  Eventually, Dianne dragged Don away, + Dick was staying anyway, so that just left Bruce + Sid who didn’t seem to be able to take any sort of hint.  In the end,  we just ate anyway, + after rabbiting on for ages about nothing very much, + trying to persuade us to come across to the boat (no way – we knew how that would end up, + besides we were too tired) they finally left.  Doug had cooked us tripe and onions, but I thought it was pretty horrible.  Still, Val made coffee afterwards + that was great, especially with ginger biscuits.

Ridiculous that a little bit of criticism should have thrown me off course so much. I think it was because I saw it as unfair. I had swapped a couple of rums for a couple of beers. And if Doug had had a problem with that he could have told me, instead of brooding upon it, as he clearly had. Ah well.

But also saying goodbye to Heather – only a short acquaintance, but we liked her a lot.  And, despite best intentions, another of those we were never to see again.  Don’t know what happened to all those addresses we had exchanged.

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