September 15th 1982

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Val behind bars

The only problem we had this morning was that I discovered I’d left my plimsolls on Sofani, + since they were also my uniform shoes, I had to do without for the day.  5 o’clock in the morning is no time to go calling on a yacht to reclaim one’s mislaid shoes.

We caught the same bus as yesterday, somewhat miraculously.  Today’s work was a continuation of yesterday’s, only rather more boring, since there was a lot of waiting around.  People (I mean extras) took the whole thing far less seriously today, especially at the back, which was where I was.  You could hardly expect otherwise – people aren’t likely to remain interested when they can’t see anything of what’s going on, + know that really they are of minimal importance.  Today was also an absolute scorcher, so whenever we weren’t filming, out came a wonderful assortment of hats, jackets, capes.  By contrast, quite a few of the girls pulled off their shirts whenever they could, revealing bikini tops.  The directors couldn’t complain about the weather tho’ – they even told us it might take a week of shooting, yet they’d finished in the 3 days they’d hoped for.  They took big cast photos at lunchtime, + finished off shooting slightly earlier than usual.  However, by the time we’d queued up to hand our uniforms in, then joined an even longer + slower queue to receive our money, it was just about the same time as usual that we knocked off.  Not that I’m complaining – money for old rope really, and quite interesting too, tho’ like most things in life ie being a croupier, the interest soon wears off.

Once again, there was dinner more or less waiting for us, after which we intended to go out to the Banana Court – there promised to be quite a party on there tonight.  However, by the time it got around to be the time for going, we were both so tired that we decided to give it a miss.  Time for bed, said Zebedee… + Val, + Chris.

So, at the end of yet another volume, even if rather a short one.  This one finishing in the Cook Islands.  See you in the next one, more’n likely.

Not that moving to a new volume means much to you, of course, buyt it was something of a milestone for us, getting to the end of the tiny little notebook that I had been forced to use when J + A kept the previous one. Fortunately, this time we have been able to move to something a little more fit for purpose.

Last day of filming, and quite a little experience, just generally adding to the film star experience we have had on Rarotonga. Seems that exhaustio0n is kicking in, however – what happened to the FOMO when we first arrived.

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