September 11th 1982

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Tennis – note the racquet

Once we were up + breakfasted, I went over to Ganesh, as I’d said I would – Val stayed to do something (I really can’t remember what) but joined us a little later.  Apparently – God only knows where they get their energy from –  they’d been partying again until some unearthly hour in the morning, along with Dick, an Englishman from a boat called Blue Moves, + 3 girls he’d given a lift to.  It sounds as tho’ they’d had a good night, but we really hadn’t had the strength to join them.  We sat around for quite a while, drinking coffee, recovering, I suppose – tho’ I felt fine – until the Princess goaded us all up + out for a game of tennis.  Once again, we kicked some other poor buggers off the court so that we could play, + then played loads of games, switching around players every few games.  To my delight, I played much better than last night, + really got things together.  And Val too, considering it’s been so long since we last played, was not at all bad.  It was a great shock tho’, when we got back to the boat + discovered it was gone 3 o’clock.

This was Ganesh’s last night in Rarotonga, so naturally we had to celebrate, + were having a fried chicken party.  Various people disappeared to get on with all sorts of jobs, and at about 5, Gavin + I, seemingly having nothing better to do, starting drinking, + I introduced him to the delights of John Collins, which went down very well, so we had more.  And as other people returned, Max with flowers, Val + the Princess with various culinary items, they joined us (all except the Princess, who doesn’t drink.)  The Blue Moves crew arrived at about 8, + we had a splendid meal before getting down to the serious business of drinking (not that I’d stopped.)  Just to keep things interesting, we played some drinking games, which wasn’t too bad until the Princess concocted a mixture called Sailor’s Suicide, consisting of gin, rum, + orange juice, + tasted like disinfectant.  Poor old Max helped the Princess make it, + also acted as taster, which task rendered him totally out of sync – watching him play Happy Clap was most amusing.  Everyone seemed to enjoy themselves, tho’ – especially me, following my usual pattern of having booze transform me from a shy + quiet young Englishman into a loud raving extrovert.

About Blue Moves personnel – Dick seems a nice quiet bloke, who enjoys company.  I like people who make it clear that they are enjoying themselves.  Michelle – a Canadian girl, rather aloof + insecure (I would say).  Dianne – another Canadian.  Prettier, more lively, much more my cup of tea, at least at a party.  And Heather, a Sheila –cum-Kiwi, + easily my favourite.  She’s got a fabulous sense of humour – (Quote – “If white bread could sing, it would sound like Olivia Newton-John”) + is very interested in Drama, having worked as an OT in a mental hospital.

Anyway, once the games had lubricated or eliminated a few people, Diana showed us a song, with actions, in 3 parts.  Just so as I don’t forget, I’ll write the words down here.  Part I – One bottle pop, two bottle pop, three bottle pop, four bottle pop, five bottle pop, six bottle pop, seven bottle pop.  Part II – don’t throw your muck in my backyard, my backyard, my back, my backyards full.  Part III – fish + chips + vinegar, vinegar, vinegar, Fish + chips, vinegar, pepper, pepper, pepper pot.  We were all, needless to say, in absolute stitches over this.  However, it must have been all too much for me, for about half an hour later I suddenly felt very tired… or very drunk… or possibly both, + headed down into one of the enormous cabins to sleep.  Which was where I stayed.  The party, I understand, went on for quite some time.  Not that I noticed. Or cared, really.  Tho’ I did miss the singing, + that was a pity.

I think I must have been drunk while writing this, since I am not sure writing out the complete lyrics to a very silly song was not the work of a sober man. And I cursed him again, making me type it all out. All the same, it does seem we were having a splendid time… even if I wasn’t really able to cope with it.

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