September 9th 1982

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When we awoke, Doug still hadn’t returned, the dirty stop-out.  So we cooked ourselves some porridge, + Ted came round asking where Doug was.  We told him that was what we were wondering.  And then customs came round, + we had to tell them our captain wasn’t aboard.  It didn’t seem to bother them tho’.  But then, finally, back he came.  As expected, he’d been a little the worse for wear the previous evening, + had stayed the night with a friend.  And he was just in time to see customs when they returned.

The next job, once that had been sorted out + we’d had a beer, was to move the boat to a safer mooring.  I thought it might be a little tricky, but in fact it worked out respectably smoothly, Doug demonstrating once again his unflappability yet knowledge of what he was doing.  We tied up nose in to a floating pontoon, with a stern anchor out to stop us from crashing in against it.  Then, having made ourselves secure, we had lunch, + then, at last, to get off the boat, to go into town, to do some shopping, and to have ourselves a look around.  We met Max, from Ganesh, a guy we’d chatted to briefly in Bora Bora.  He told us how good last night’s party had been, which didn’t cheer us up any, but then told us there was to be a party on Ganesh tonight – that managed the trick.

Avarua seemed a nice little town, with not a huge number of shops.  It didn’t take us very long to look it all over, to do what little business we had (bank + PO – always the same), + finally to get some shopping.  We left the meat till last, + nearly made a complete balls-up of the whole thing, when we didn’t ask what time the supermarket shut.  I was pissed off, since Doug was relying on us, but we were able to buy some sausages + so save the situation.  Just as well – I cooked them when we got back, + they were absolutely delicious.

After dinner, over to Ganesh, a simply boat, owned by an Italian millionaire, but with an English crew, the only ones there now, 2 really nice brothers, Gavin + Max.  We also met the princess, a very large, very ebullient lady, getting on a little, + great fun, tho’ overpowering.  A pleasant evening, with plenty of booze +, unexpectedly, mountains of food, 3 courses.  Of course, we couldn’t do it anything like justice.  We chatted inconsequentially with various people, but then nearly everyone left, + the party really began.  The booze flowed, some dope came out, + the combination certainly had their effect upon me.  Still, that meant jokes, + singing, in a particularly uninhibited manner – I was, I think, something of a hit, singing comic songs, scat, everything.  Finally staggered home, 3.30-ish.  Bloody good night.

A very good day all round. We were able to get off the boat. We discovered that our FOMO had been misplaced, as we seem to have swung right back into party mode (and with a miliionaire’s yacht to party on.) Doug came too, but did not stay long – he confessed that the Princess was a bit too much for him.

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