September 5th 1982

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Not specially relevant, but Polynesian money before we leave there entirely.

A bugger of a day really, getting nowhere not especially fast.  Very little wind at all, + what there was kept swirling around.  Still, it did give Doug the chance to fix the fastening of the sheet to the jib.  It had been coming loose, + worrying him.  We’re about 200 miles out from Rarotonga, which shouldn’t take too long to cover… once the wind picks up.  Been out nearly a week now, + no regrets at all.   Doug is fulfilling our expectations of what a captain should be.  He’s generous + undemanding, + has a good sense of humour (tho’ one does hear the same little funny sayings repeated pretty often.  No 1 in a regular series of Dougisms – when he hands you a beer he says, “Try that for your bad cough”.)  Naturally enough, we had a splendid dinner – a beef curry cooked by Val.  A good job it was a hot one, because the night was bloody cold.  Fortunately, Doug dug out a blanket apiece for us.  Oh, I played Doug at chess just before dinner.  Not a spectacularly good game, with too many silly mistakes, but I enjoyed it greatly nonetheless.  I also won, which helps. At least we got a bit of sunshine.

Very little to add. We are very positive about our captain, and I beat him at chess. So, two good things.

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