September 3rd 1982

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Local children

A magnificent breakfast prepared by the chef (tho’ I say so myself.)  Doug asked for stewed tomatoes, Val for scrambled eggs, so I prepared both, served on top of a piece of wholemeal bread.  I had just climbed up into the cockpit to eat mine, when a huge wave came over the side, drowning me + my breakfast.  I was so upset that I immediately went below + made a cup of tea (tho’ actually my breakfast was unharmed.)  One of the nicest things about this boat is the tea.  Not only is it excellent (it’s an English-style tea, + we drink it with condensed milk) but it’s also freely available whenever one wants to make some.  But then the same goes, more or less, for all the food + drink aboard.

The weather was fairly unpleasant all day, + it was quite a relief to arrive at cocktail hour.  My turn to cook dinner, which somewhat to my surprise + entirely to my delight, turned out excellently.  We had strips of roast pork, with roast potatoes, baked onions, + cabbage.  Then watch, then bed.

Mostly about food, which was, to be fair, the only note of variety or interest in the day.

However, a note about photos. No, we didn’t have a pair of stowaways, but I have reached the point (also encountered elsewhere) of entirely running out of photos. We took very few on the boat, long ago realising how limited the subject matter is. So I will trawl through ones that have somehow missed the cut, however inappropriate they are to our current citcumstances.

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