September 2nd 1982

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I notice that already I’m back into the habit of describing every dish that we eat in careful if not lascivious detail.  But it’s such a highlight of the day, you see.  Anyway.  We started off the day with a mish-mash of last night’s left-overs on bread – very tasty.  And the rest of the day passed in typical ocean-crossing style with nothing of particular note occurring.  We didn’t make a very wonderful rate of progress – the wind was light + from directly behind us, so we weren’t moving too well.  Weather a bit off too – overcast, + later in the day squally too.  Still, we amused ourselves.  I caught up with this thing, we attacked a crossword or two, + I’m reading a very interesting book – it’s called “The Third Wave”, and it’s an analysis of the way the world is.  Val’s turn to cook dinner, so at Doug’s special request we had macaroni cheese.  Not a favourite of mine, I’ll admit, but it was filling enough.  Doug uses his ham radio quite a bit, + reports in every evening to the maritime marine net, which runs a roll-call of interested yachts, mainly for safety reasons.  However, tonight he was also able to contact an old NZ friend, which pleased him considerably.  My watch – 8-10 – passed pleasantly + easily – Doug kept me company for the first hour, the Walkman for the 2nd.

Very little to add to this. The sailing life, I have decided, is always either tedious or terrifying. Actually, there is a third state, but that requires being moored in some idyllic harbour while one lazes in the cockpit over cocktails. That sort of sailing I can take.

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