August 31st 1982

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Leaving Papeete

Doug is a pretty leisurely sort of bloke, + it was quite clear that we weren’t in any hurry to be off.  We all took it in turns to take a shower, + then pulled the dinghy up on deck, which was one of the few pieces of work we’ve been asked to do.  (I omitted to mention that yesterday lunchtime, Val + I had to swim around the boat cleaning weed off the waterline, but that had been more like fun than a chore.)  We celebrated our hard work with a couple of beers, + then pushed off from Papeete, Tahiti + French Polynesia at about 12.  Motored out of the harbour, but soon picked up a nice bit of wind, + were off exactly on course.  We cut down between Tahiti + Moorea, keeping a good eye on the Moorea reef, + then were out on the open sea.  The system of watches on board is 2 on, 4 off, + as yet I’ve no complaints about it, tho’ I’ll reserve full judgment.  My watches are the 2 o’clock + 8 o’clock ones, + that suits me fine, tho’ really there’s little or no difference between them.  Val was feeling her usual beginning of voyage queasiness, so I cooked dinner.  We had 3 huge pork chops, tho’ by the time I’d finished cooking they were considerably reduced in size.  Still tasty tho’.

No hurry to be off, but off we were at last; our journey had resumed.

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