August 27th 1982

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Papeete church from the harbour

Our last morning at Tom’s camp – not that that stopped us from enjoying our breakfast.  We packed up our gear in plenty quick time, + headed off to join Thyme, Dave acting as chief bearer.  Doug was ready to welcome us aboard, + had a pot of tea on, so that was a good start.  Tea done, we went down to the gendarmerie to see if we could check out, but hearing that we were leaving Monday, the guy told us to call back then.  A pain in the arse, since he clearly could have done the necessaries there + then, but that’s the way things go, + it’s no use grousing about it.

Stopped off at the supermarket on the way back, where Doug picked up some big chunks of meat, + then, the morning’s work complete, back to the boat for a beer or 3.  Doug is generous with the booze, + enjoyable company too.  He has a good sense of humour, + is prepared to listen with interest to what other people have to say… tho’ you have to watch out you’re not having your leg pulled.  Cheese sandwich for lunch – Doug has some tasty cheese + some delicious wholemeal bread – + in the afternoon Val + I went shopping.  The main object of our search was some material to make some trousers.  Sally at the camp-site had made some, so Val, anxious to find something practical to do on the journey, decided to follow suit.  We went looking for suitable material, but Val had to suffer a severe disadvantage – me being along.  I do not make a good companion for Val when she is shopping, as I’m inclined to hurry her.  Anyway, we found some material that was what we wanted, + bought enough for one pair.  Really, we wanted to find a different material for the other pair – we don’t like dressing as twins, or Pinky + Perky, but nothing else really suitable was about, so we left it for the time being.  Ran into Dave, Sally + Ian, on the same quest as ourselves, on behalf of Dave.  When Dave saw the material Val had, he decided to get some too.  So off we all trotted, like Tom Cobley + his crew, back to the shop.  By now, time was moving on, so we said cheerio + headed back to Thyme.

Arrived at a good time too – Doug had just opened the rum bottle.  It’s wonderful how a couple (or 3, or 4) of rums give one a mellow perspective upon life.  And a healthy appetite too.  Doug cooked a wonderful meal – a huge steak with potatoes + cabbage.  Then a little more conversation, before bed + a book.  Doug has no objection to the lights being used at night.

Taking advantage of our new, rather more drunken, lifestyle, what with beers and then rum. But at last we seem to be on our way again… though not with any particular urgency. Ah well, that is part of the yachtie’s life.

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