August 23rd 1982

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Around the camp-fire

Today, according to the original plan, we’d intended to pack up all our belongings, + head off out to the end of the peninsula.  However, Val just seems to be getting better with all her sores (she’s been taking antibiotics) + that, along with the fact that things are so comfortably arranged at the camp-site, plus our natural indolence of course, means that we’ve decided to shelve that notion, + maybe just take a few day trips out to various places.  However, today we decided to devote to shopping.  But with our usual efficiency, we managed to arrive at around 11.30, ie exactly when everyone was deciding to shut up shop for the lunch break.  That meant we had to waste a couple of hours, just sitting around.  One certainly has to adjust the old life-style in one’s travels.

But then, in the afternoon, we really got to work, + spent a small fortune.  A few pareos, a stove + a cook-pot for Dave, plus the groceries for dinner – a tidy little sum spent there.  Dave also managed his daily cruise along the boat strip – he has notes up on the trees, but there’s nothing like the personal approach.  And he did find a boat looking for crew – the only problem being that it was heading for Pitcairn + Chile, which must be one of the few destinations Dave cannot even consider.  Ah well.

The evening fell into the usual pattern, of lazing around the fire, + eventually getting round to cooking dinner.  I cooked tonight, + things went remarkably well, even tho’ it was for 5, Tom (as usual) + Rene joining us.  Turned out bloody well too – a really tasty + substantial stew, followed by coffee + bread + cheese, courtesy Tom, + some yum, before the usual dispersal to bed.

A very lazy day, in which we just about managed to get ourselves moving to do some shopping. It does seem that we have been seduced by the camp-fire lifestyle, rather than throwing ourselves back on our own resources; there is something comforting about feeling part of a small community.

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