August 22nd 1982

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A strangely nothingy day.  As usual, there was a new figure at our fire when I got up – our camp fire (because it’s the only one around, except for the one belonging to an evangelical group in one corner) seems to be the centre of attraction for newcomers.  Hardly surprising – there’s often tea available, things are set up pretty well, + Tom (+ us as well) are generally welcoming.  This time it was Luke, an Aussie film actor who was on his way home after working in California.  He was hiring a car today, to drive around the island, and Tom, always with an eye out for the main chance, had got himself invited, along with Rene, a French guy camping there.  We 3 musketeers just about got ourselves together to get to church by 10 o’clock, so that we could listen to the music.  It was very good indeed – we’ve vowed to renew our search for local church music on cassette.  The people were all dressed up too – we were able to take some good pictures.  One guy stood at the back with a long stick, + it was his job to walk along the aisles during the sermon, + tap people with it if they weren’t paying attention.

However, for the rest of the day we did virtually nothing, except laze around, eat, throw an occasional dice, and get bored.  It was very annoying we had an excess of expendable energy, + nothing to expend it on.  No ball, no Frisbee, and try as we might, no way of obtaining one, it seems.  Eventually the evening came, + we could eat our evening meal – omelette.  Soon after, the evangelical group returned – they’d been out visiting somewhere – with an excess of cake, so they brought over masses to us, which we made pretty short work of.  They certainly had loads – when Tom returned, he went over to join them (+ pig himself), + Dave joined him after Val + I went to bed.  They seemed nice enough, tho’ Tom + Dave had to endure a prayer said for each of them.

Quite the day for religious intervention, of one kind and another. But we are killing time, and actually want to be on our way. Never did find that cassette, by the way. Now that we have the internet, I ought to be able to track some down, I suppose, but some of the impetus for that has been lost over the past forty years.

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