August 18th 1982

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Fellow passengers

We’d started off from Bora Bora pretty much empty, but as we pulled into various ports during the day, people poured on, so that for the last stage, from Huahine to Papeete, the boat was packed even more tightly than it had been for the outward journey, + we could think ourselves lucky that we had secured a good place.  We’d also taken the precaution this time of ringing ourselves with our bags to act as buffers, + perhaps because of that, our territory was not seriously encroached upon.  The journey was a little tedious, but we managed to pass the time, mostly with games of yum + some reading (I’m struggling with Henry James + Val’s making heavy weather of a Ken Kesey book.)  The ticket man kicked me off (metaphorically) the bunk I was sitting on, + after a short while there was no room for us anyway.  For our evening entertainment, we had an inflight movie – well, a video film.  It was a pretty appalling old-fashioned spy thing,  but it served the purpose of quieting all the kids down, so they were about ready for sleep when it finished.  As we all were.

Just travelling, really, and passing the time while it happened.

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