August 15th 1982

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Dave being shorn

Sunday today.  After breakfast, which saw the last of the porridge, alas, we went into town.  We got a ride just in time to get us in before the shop shut at 11 – only we discovered upon our arrival that it shut at 10… ho hum, no re-stocking of provisions for us.  However, the journey was by no means a waste of time, since Edmond had told us about some showers behind the church.  We were all in dire need of washing our bodies, so this was more than welcome.

Feeling greatly refreshed, we wandered around town for an hour or so, , down to the end of the pier, where the boys were fishing; in the amusement arcade, where the video games are only 2 or 3 years behind Europe; trying to buy some bread, only the price is so inflated for tourists, it was a waste of time.  And, finally, indulging in the luxury, for the 3rd day running, of a coke.  It really is a luxury, at 100f a can.  And we were even more disgusted in the café we’d chosen when they gave us a small glass each, and charged us 120f.  That’s a dollar! 

A misunderstanding on the way back when Val, still searching for coco bread at an affordable price, was left behind while Dave + I got a ride.  We thought she would soon get another lift, but she was so long in coming that I was worried + went to meet her.  She had obtained one short ride, but had had to walk most of the way, so was tired + a little cross… obviously.  However, she soon perked up with a rest + a drink of water + set to work giving Dave a haircut.  Quite an achievement – Dave turned from a mophead to a spaniel to GI Joe, all in about 30 mins.  No, she did a good job, + then trimmed me too.

More Frisbee during the day, then dinner-time once more.  A hotch potch of vegetables, cooked with pork ‘n beans.  I enjoyed it – a real camp-fire meal.  Sat looking at the fire + the stars for a while, then bed.

My recollection is that the showers came with a price, of some huge and voracious mosquitoes. Our passion for Coke, even at inflated prices, remained, but these were more innocent (naive?) times. Curious that we seemed to be so casual about travel, hitch-hiking, etc, even alone. More innocence, I suppose, but we really did feel very safe.

  1. Pamela J Blair

    Yes, hitching was a lot safer then (or so it seemed). I never had any problems hitching and met some really interesting and generous people, sometimes who invited me to their homes or gave me meals. For a portion of my trip (the Middle East) I bought a VW van and would try to “pay back” all the people who’d picked me up by picking up people myself, and it almost always came with them buying my lunch or gas. I never had any problems as a single woman hitching until I got back to Europe, then I had several close calls.

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