August 14th 1982

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Dave playing frisbee (and demonstrating why he tended to win)

Today we decided to miss out on the attractions of town, + spend the day around the camp-site.  Paul has been lucky enough to arrange for himself a trip to Maupite, a nearby island, on a yacht, + seemed quite keen on us joining him – he seems to enjoy our company, presumably because we speak English.  However, all 3 of us declined, I think more or less for the same reason.  This trip would have meant an extra few days before returning to Papeete, + all of us have more or less had our fill of Polynesia, + would like to move on.  In fact, I don’t think we would be desperately sorry if we missed out on other islands on the way to New Zealand – the idea of English-speaking civilisation again seems particularly attractive just now.  If, say, the prospect of a yacht touring the Cook’s etc turns up, we certainly shan’t turn that down.  But if it doesn’t…

So, tho’ we’ve all very much enjoyed our stay on Bora Bora, with the opportunity it’s given us to rest, we’re all pretty keen to get back + set the old wheels in motion once again.  It’s partly Paul’s fault – his tales of Asia have reminded us that the world is a big place, and that there’s more to see than South Sea islands.  Dave + I spent chunks of the day playing with Edmond’s Frisbee, we all went for a walk in the afternoon, + otherwise it was reading + writing.  Dave + Val both had a quick swim – that’s one thing we’ve all pretty much missed out on, is getting into the water.  Which is a huge shame, since it would be really nice to take a good look at the coral.  But really, the state of our bodies has precluded any aquatic activities.  Also, the weather has been very changeable.  Most nights, + often during the days too, there has been heavy rain (+ unfortunately our tent hasn’t coped too wonderfully.)

After dinner this evening, we again retired to Edmond’s tent for Yum… + again Dave got pasted.  He doesn’t seem to be able to play away from home.

Bora Bora has always been a part of my consciousness. When I was young, I had a board game called Careers (and we still play it from time to time) in which one embarks on various careers, as well as enjoying associated lifestyles, one of which was a stay on a place called Bora Bora… and here we were! At first, we had – rather wittily, we thought – called it Boring Boring, but actually we had had a fine time. Dave was a major contributor to that, for his humour, his sense of fun, his company.

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