August 12th 1982

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Our beach

Once again, with a new place to live, a new routine of life.  As they go, this one is not at all bad.  The first one up, it’s nearly always Dave, builds the fire + sets it going.  By this time, pretty much everyone is assembled, + breakfast is cooked – porridge, followed by coffee, bread, butter + jam (plus peanut butter for Dave – he may be a Canadian, but he’s an American too.)  Generally Paul, another English guy who is camping here, joins us.  Paul is alright, tho’ a bit too much Mr Clean for my taste, and boy, can he talk.  Fortunately, at least some of what he has to say is pretty interesting – he’s travelled in Asia and Australia, + is now on his last leg home.  Thus, he’ll be a circumnavigator, tho’ it seems to me that flying almost direct from Tahiti is rather a cheating way of doing things.

Read + wrote for a while, then I hitched into town, called Vaitapo, on my own – I had to have the dressings on my feet changed.  I was whisked in almost immediately by a teacher here, got all my dressings done, and was back at camp pretty quickly.  So a lazy afternoon – I went for a short walk with Dave, Val not feeling over-wonderful, but we got caught in a thunder-shower, so had to run – or, in my case, hobble back as fast as possible.  Fortunately, it let off in time for us to cook dinner – omelettes.  They were delicious, but not too filling – we spilt some, + also shared with Edmond, our French neighbour.  Still, bread + jam supplied the deficiency.  Afterwards, we retired to Edmond’s tent, his being considerably larger, for another evening of Yum.  Dave’s luck ran out – he came last both games.

As I said at the beginning of this post, not at all a bad way of life (though ultimately a little unsatisfying.) But for the time being, it suits us to eat, laze, play and play at living.

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