August 7th 1982

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We’d seen a place advertising bikes for rent for 500f a day each, so we decided to take a couple, + tour the island – 37 miles, so we were told.  The road hugs the coast all the way so is pretty flat with only one hill of any size.  Just a couple of miles into the journey, I saw Bernadette + Ingrid, so we stopped for a chat.  They were with their friends from Papeete, who they said had inherited a lot of land under an old treaty which had just matured.  So they were treating B + I very well, feeding her up, taking her on trips etc.  At present, they were on a tour of Moorea, + had stopped off here at a little bar.  So we joined them for a beer + a short chat before setting off pedalling once again.

The whole ride was pleasant enough, but was never spectacular.  Both of us suffered from the physicality – Val managed a sore on the inside of her thigh from the pressure of the saddle, + I just got incredibly sore + stiff in my muscles, so much so that for the last few miles I could barely move.  When we stopped at a supermarket near the end of the journey, I sat slumped at the kerb, + a friendly guy came by, gave me 200f, introduced himself, + then said goodbye.  I was pleased to get back, no doubt about that, but it had been a worthwhile day – good scenery, interesting sights – bread posted in mailboxes, nets hung to dry – many luxury hotels, tho’ all attractive, thatched cottage style, + one incredibly ugly building, a discotheque, which was a brick and coloured glass monstrosity.  Our friends had all moved on, so we made a meal of bread, cheese, + cold baked beans.  Then bed.

Baguettes by post
Nets drying

Three especially nice pictures; I would have spaced them out, except that we were only on Moorea for a short time, and I mention them in the diary.

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