August 4th 1982

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Gauguin painting of Tahiti

Rather disturbed by our lack of progress in the boat-finding business, we determined today to be more purposeful.  Accordingly, (once, of course, breakfast was finished) we spent no time procrastinating in town, but took the truck directly out to Maiva Beach, where rumour had it there was a boat which might be looking for crew.  We got off the truck a little early, + so had quite a little walk along to where it was anchored.  Evidence of a lack of foresight here – obviously the boat would not be tied up to a dock, but none of us had brought swimming gear or a towel.  All we could do was sit + watch to see if they would be sending in their dinghy, so we could make contact that way.  Our luck was in, + it came very soon after we arrived… only we couldn’t find out where the blasted thing had landed.  We searched up + down the shore-line, but could find no trace of it.  So we wasted some time sitting, eating lunch, before finally we agreed the situation was ridiculous, + Dave said he’d swim out.  And eventually he did.  Quite a long swim, + a fruitless one – to the disgust of his watchers on the shore, Dave was given a negative reply, + had to turn straight round to swim back without even getting a rest on deck.

So that the day wouldn’t be a total disaster, we decided to take another bus onwards to visit the museum of Tahiti.  It was a little expensive by our standards, a 100f apiece, + I didn’t think it was worth it.  It was a very modern museum, which clearly had had a lot of money pumped into it, but I didn’t think all the trappings of modern society, + the ultra-modish presentation – plastic globes etc, reflected a true picture of Polynesia as she had been or is now.  Val also thought that the European influence was overstressed yet bleached – according to the museum display, it was a totally unmixed blessing.  However, Dave thought it was good.

Back to town – time for a quick bit of shopping – we had offered to cook dinner tonight – + then home.  The meal was a real success – bangers, mash, + mushy peas.  The sausages were a bit on the stringy side, but I suppose it’s a bit much to expect a British banger.  We all cried off the television tonight, claiming, quite truthfully, that we were totally shattered.  And so to bed.

Not yet too disheartened by our search for a boat, but actually the situation was beginning to cause concern. Still, all we could do was keep trying, keep our spirits up, and keep hoping.

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