July 27th 1982

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Our ticket

One great big nothing of a day.  We had meant to leave overnight, but hadn’t for some reason.  In any case, they were still unloading the boat for much of the day.  Had we been told we’d be spending the whole day in port, we could have got off + done something with the day.  As it was, knowing nothing, we just lazed around, expecting to be pulling out at any moment.  Played 10,000, the Quebecois game that Rob had showed us –  Dave is fun to play against.  The boat is old + interesting too.  There are none of the petty restrictions restricting passengers to certain parts of the boat.  We can wander round as we please – we just have to be careful we don’t get our heads knocked off.

As before, lack of information – the constant complaint of the traveller. I wonder if it is different now – I doubt that the internet has changed things all that much in the Pacific. I certainly showed a young person’s disdain for such old people concerns as health and safety, but there is no doubt that this was a more innocent time.

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