July 19th 1982

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Hiva Oa

Vol IV, so it would seem.  But why?  A mystery, eh?  But one for which you’ll have to wait for the answer.  Don’t worry, you won’t have to wait long.  And in the meantime… July 19th.  On this day, we upped anchor, and set sail for Hiva Oa.  J + A as usual did all the sailing work involved with moving out, so all Val + I had to do was get up + look at the sea going by.  The journey was pleasant, but uneventful.  We passed thro’ a couple of squalls, which gathered all the wind around them, but we still made excellent time, far better than we could have hoped, + arrived in the bay late afternoon.  Dropped anchor, right next to an American boat, the Bonnie Lass, who we’d met in Fatu Hiva, + then just whiled away the evening with a meal.  Stan + Karen, from yet another boat we’d met in Fatu Hiva, came in to the harbour a little after us.  The harbour itself is by no means picturesque, as they are presently re-building it, making new facilities – they’ve already put in a new + necessary breakwater – so there are the inevitable building scars, tho’ when they’ve finished it should be very modern.  The French aren’t stinting their money here.

At last, back with the diary! Though please accept my apologies for continuing the mystery a little longer – most infuriating. Not much of a mystery really – if you don’t already know the answer, you can probably guess it successfully. But anyway, our journey continues, on to a larger island of the Marquesas, ever so slightly more developed, in terms of shops etc.

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