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After the excitement of the Day of Action, it was back to normal: the regular class at the hotel.  A respectable showing of five regulars – Ali, Hamed, Aisha, Sherwan, and Abdulaziz, plus Diana, a Russian lady who had been once before.  Jaime did make an appearance, but only outside the window, strolling along with his headphones on, oblivious to the world.

I played some copying games as a warm-up, leading onto guess who the leader is.  A family of games, which I had completely forgotten about; I have been teaching Drama for most of my life, but some of the exercises come and go.  Something to do with my aging memory, I suppose.  We then took a quick look at the idea of dislocation, playing about with space, so that, for example, two people having an argument are both turned towards the audience.  It is a relatively sophisticated technique, but they seemed to grasp it quickly.

Hamed and Sherwan demonstrating the technique

We then took another look at the opening section of The Story of Destiny, rehearsing it in greater detail, and making improvements as a result.  I have been somewhat despairing of ever moving the piece on… or any piece, for that matter, but there did seem to be a genuine desire to make some progress.  Two sessions a week are not going to work, I feel, but they do seem to want longer rehearsals, so that we can make greater progress, and there is something in that.

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