Masters and servants

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Master and servant (2) – Abdulaziz and Hamed

I had warned Aisha and Jaime that they might well be visiting the same material again, and so it proved.  Fortunately, we also had Ali and Hamed this time to lend a bit of variety.  As it happened, Hamed and Ali were waiting for me when I arrived outside the hotel – the train had been late, and therefore so was i.

After a short time, we were joined by Abdulaziz, which meant that I was forced to join in with various of the improvisations, in order to make an even number.  Not that this was particularly a problem, but I do prefer to be able to overview the whole process, rather than have a responsibility just to work on the one scene.

Some of the work was a repetition of ideas we had tried out on Tuesday, but I included some other ideas too: the status chess exercise, where each person takes it in turn to move, so as to create a sense of power each time.  They were very good at it, with some great displays of subtlety.  Then it was masters and servants – again – each scene leading to an explosion by the servant, revolting against the tyranny they were under.

We developed these hierarchies in a variety of ways: a bigger group, a scene where the underling turns the tables… What was only too clear was how much they are developing as performers, not being at all self-conscious about performance, and with a growing mastery of concentration, focus, technique.  So maybe there are some signs of forming a group, which would be a real possibility if they could attend more regularly.  But I cannot be critical, for I have no idea what pressures they have in their lives. 

It was an excellent lesson, and I went home with a spring in my step.

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