May 31st, June 1st, 2nd 1982

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Another day.  Only 2 things to note.  Val made some biscuits, a la Jonas, which were universally (our small universe, at any rate) acknowledged to be excellent.  So much so that the whole batch were consumed within 24 hours.  I have decided that I no longer prefer the burnt biscuits.  In fact, I think I have thought this for some time, but have hesitated to voice my change of taste, since I have been confirmed as the burnt biscuit eater in the Jonas household, and have not wished to disappoint anyone… principally Val’s mum.  Second event – I read an interesting book – The Book Of Lists.  Contains all sorts of lists about all sorts of things.  I think I may emulate – it’ll help lass the time.  We do approach Galapagos, I believe… but slowly, oh so slowly.  And still no fish, so our diet is worsening.  Beans today, lunch + dinner.

June 1st – an even less notable day.  A big disappointment in the morning, when we discovered our supply of porridge oats was all mildewed.  Just when I was so looking forward to a good, hot, filling breakfast.  And with the meals on board getting worse.  Horrid crackers + worse cheese for lunch, along with bruised pineapple + cold, rancid rice pudding.  And beans again for dinner, tho’ thankfully there was mashed potato too.  Still no fish on the line.  Ah well.

June 2nd – Bob’s birthday… again.  33.  Good God.  We finally made it today onto a chart containing the Galapagos, rather than having our position plotted on a large piece of plain paper.  Something of a psychological boost, tho’ not something to get too excited about – our progress is still pitiful – 2 weeks away tomorrow, + still a few days away from land.  We finally persuaded Jack to draw up a contract, but it wasn’t overly generous – a straight $5 per day each, + not necessarily with full refund upon cancellation.  However, we had already tacitly agreed terms when we came on board, so weren’t really in a position to argue.  More substantial meal tonight. (Has Alma been reading this?)

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