May 28th, 29th, 30th 1982

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Little to report today, apart from the weather, which clouded in again, + the fact that I cleaned up my Sony Walkman, which meant we were both able to use it on the night watch.  It really does prove a blessing then, so that, once I’m up at any rate, I even enjoy myself.  And, for the time being, we have enough tapes not to get too bored with the selection.  Val not feeling too well – she has a cold.

Today Val feeling worse – suffering from some sort of a headache, eyeache, something.  However, she struggled along, + at lunchtime cooked some delicious pancakes with a mock maple syrup.  For once, I felt almost satisfied with the lunch offering.  Discovered  in the afternoon that England had beaten Scotland 1-0.  Have kept up to date with the news – and sports news – recently, since have discovered a reliable time + frequency for the BBC.  Unfortunately, the generator is often on at that time, which provides too fierce a source of interference to be overcome.  Weather nice again, so spent much of the day just lounging.  Jack has been busy ever since we left with minor repair jobs, + sometimes I assist or take over some of those, but the rest of the time I just lounge around, reading.  Val has more to do than me, helping with cooking etc, but she too is by no means overworked.  My watch was a bad one, since the autopilot had broken down overnight, + I had actually steer the thing.  It reminds one of how useful the autopilot is.

Nothing more than procedure, really – keeping a diary on board a boat is rather like keeping one in prison, I imagine. Not all that much happens, and one is constrained by the four walls around you. Surrounded by the ocean, in our case; not that that provides much of interest.

Apologies for the repeated photo – the same comment applies to photos as much as diary entries – not much to record. (Though it does make me wonder why we did not record those few moments when something different was there to be recorded, such as my birthday, for example. Still, no use worrying about that now.

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