May 25th 1982

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Jack, looking back

But first, May 24th Part II.  Idiot that I am, I forgot the presents.  She’d sneaked 3 surprise presents on board, + gave them to me with my meal.  They were: a set of Spiderman stickers, a magnetic backgammon set, + a smart T-shirt.  I’ve always berated Val in the past for her lack of imagination over presents, but I was really quite chuffed to receive these.

Anyway, May 25th, + a year away from home.  Makes you think, don’t it?  Though not much.  It’s longer than I thought we’d be away.  And we’re not heading homeward yet.  Quite the opposite, in fact.  However, apart from being an anniversary, not a day of note.  The weather showed the first signs of brightening, but still no sun.  I find the watches infinitely more bearable – or even pleasurable – now that SWII keeps me company.

So well done to you too, assuming you are one of the (small) group of regular readers – a whole year!  Thanks to Val for the presents, and no need at all for the slightly sarky comment.

SWII is Sony Walkman 2, by the way – another technology that is virtually no more.

  1. Pamela J Blair

    No wonder you trounced me in those backgammon games in Lesvos! You had that little magnetic set to practice on, almost 40 years before!

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