May 21st, 22nd 1982

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Wrapped up against the weather

A common or garden day under sail – + really under sail this time.  The wind was thoroughly against us, but nonetheless Jack decided to hoist the sails, + start to tack.  That was certainly OK by us – sailing is far preferable to motoring.  It is far more restful + peaceful, + also provides a far smoother ride (compare the handwriting for yesterday’s page, written under sail, + today’s, written while motoring.)  Under sail, the boat keels over to one side, + then just pitches up + down.  With the engine on, the  boat just ploughs on thro’ the waves, pitching + rolling violently.  Unfortunately, we had to switch from sail when we met a storm in late afternoon, so dinner had to be prepared under difficult conditions.  (Delicious tho’ – steak + potatoes.)  Val + Alma not feeling well – sea-sick, especially when down below.  I even felt not perfect myself, + I’m never sea-sick (as I keep telling myself.)  My turn for the dawn watch, 4 till 7 (we’ve moved them all back 1 hr.)  Very tedious – not a ship in sight, + nothing to do.  Tho’ I did see my first shark, the usual ominous dorsal fin, then a dark long shape, 5 or 6 ft  long, right next to the boat.  Weather squally + unpleasant, + the wind still in the wrong quarter, so we used the motor.  I read “The sailor who fell from grace with the sea” (prophetic?) – a frightening tale.  Not much of note for the rest of the day.  Hooked our first fish, but he broke the hook + got away.  Jack put a new hook on, but left the rod lying about, + I got a hook in my bare foot, tho’ luckily without damage.  In the afternoon, Val cooked a superb stew, (tho’ she would put lentils in it!) which was appreciated by one + all.  And after that it was just about time to start the watches.  Mine was first, 7 till 10, + a dismal 3 hrs.  The weather was lousy, + the time dragged.  About the only excitement (?) was that the running lights kept going out.

Of course you can’t compare the handwriting, but believe me, the difference was notable.  Otherwise, just a pretty normal day on board – passing the time reading, eating.  Unless there is something dramatic going on with the weather, it is all just a bit dull.  In particular, we were well stocked with film for the camera, but soon discovered there was very little to take pictures of, with the ocean in particular being spectacularly dull; there are only so mant pictures you can take of the ship’s wake, and the rest of the view is uniformly dull.  But we are travelling, with the prospect of more exciting adventures to come.

  1. Pamela J Blair

    Are you foreshadowing something with your last comment?

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