May 16th 1982

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Quite a lazy Sunday.  In the morning, J + A were going over to Taboga to look for a piece of wood, so that he could fix the rudder, so we went along too, just for the walk.  I’m not sure we were wise, tho’, as a long hot walk it turned out to be, right to the other end of the village.  However, we found a suitable piece, + rewarded ourselves first with a swim, + then a drink.  Then Val + I swam back to the boat.  Once we’d said we would do it, we were both a little nervous at committing ourselves.  It’s not that it’s a long way from ship to shore, but we’re neither of us strong swimmers, + our (my?) confidence is even weaker.  Still, we made it, (as you’ve probably gathered) tho’ I for one was glad to feel my feet on solid deck once again.

From then on, very little.  Val unpacked, then sewed, while I caught up with this thing, + then read.  I’m reading “Rich man, poor man” + tho’ at first I thought it would be too soap opera-ish, I really got involved with it (as one is intended to with soap opera, I suppose.)  And that just about accounts for the day, apart from dinner in the evening.  It’s a relief to be with people who don’t necessarily regard reading as a worthless activity.  In fact, tho’ it’s early to say, + I shall probably regret saying so, J + A seem to be an improvement on D + M.  At least they don’t row all the time, so there’s not the dreadful atmosphere that you could cut with a knife that often was present aboard Crusader.  There are debit marks too.  Alma is inclined to be bossy, but that’s easy enough to live with.  Jack is tight with his money – quite an old woman about it,  but that shouldn’t be too much of a problem at sea.  They don’t keep booze aboard (because of the expense, I suppose.)  Worst of all is the generation/culture gap – we don’t really have a thing to talk about.  Still.  Not for long, eh?  And the boat is definitely a step up the ladder – a modern fibre-glass boat, in beautiful condition, immaculately furnished, + with our own cabin.  Who could gripe?

All looking positive so far, even managing the swim – I can be a nervous soul about such physical challenges.  It is a little difficult to write this and try to respond to the diary entry in question, and not allow what I know of the future to intrude.  And on that, somewhat gnomic point, I shall conclude.

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