May 12th 1982

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Some ruins at Portobello (not much of a picture, but the best I can do.)

Not much of a day really.  When I arose, Gary had long since left in his canoe, + Kelly + his mate (I still don’t know the guy’s name) were just about to go off fishing.  Which was where they remained all day, till about 5.  That didn’t leave the rest of us much to do – tho’ if we’d really wanted, I’m sure we could have found something.  So we read all day – I read a book + a half, finishing off my spy novel + a book called “The man who gave the Beatles away”.  Pretty trashy really, but of some interest to a Beatlephile like myself.  Kelly + mate finally returned with a vast hoard – a turtle, a lobster, several crab plus a few large fish.  There was so much I was despatched to the mainland to buy some ice to preserve some of it.  I saw Gary there, + persuaded him to come out with me.  Another feast that night – Lucy is a very good cook, tho’ she cooks her stuff rather too rich for me.  I used to consider myself an adventurous sort with food at one time, but I now find myself becoming set in my ways, in that respect anyway.  More of a mellow evening tonight tho’ – the result of less dope + booze, I guess.  I should say something about Kelly + Lucy – interesting people, both.  Physically, Kelly is tall, well-built, long-haired, with many large tattoos + much native jewellery.  He doesn’t look at all like his 41 years.  Somewhat distant in his manner, but with an attractive giggle + grin.  He’s worked in films + photography, mostly in connection with indigenous Indians.  Connections with Survival International, + you certainly get the feeling that he’s seen + done much, + met many people.  Considering his many abilities, strikes one as curiously helpless.  Which is where Lucy comes in.  A recent addition, a remarkably beautiful Panamanian girl, with Chinese blood, with other things to give Kelly – devotion, get-up-and-go, cooking.  Difficult people to get to know, but worth it.

If you are waiting to hear where we are heading next, and how, another frustrating delay, still just passing time in Portobello.  I have very little recollection of Kelly and Lucy now – and could not recall how we had met them – but they have proved to be welcome distractions from our life in 

  1. Pamela J Blair

    Kelly and Lucy remind me of people I met along the way, who become instant “friends” and then are instantly forgotten. I think it’s a quality of travelers, on the margins of any culture, to find like souls. Our need to “get away” from wherever we’re from is balanced by a need to connect with people, and since the locals aren’t always open to meeting us, we search out other travelers.

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