May 11th 1982

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Portobello bay (but not Survival!)

Up at a respectably early hour, + into town. Today we were off to Portobello, to visit Kelly + Lucy, + see what they were up to.  Also, to be honest, to get away from Colon, +, more specifically, D + M, for a day or 2.  We were able to find where the buses left from, but we had to sit down + wait for an hour and a half before a bus left (one that would take us, at any rate.)  A pleasant enough journey, mainly because we were both engrossed in our books – Val is reading Catch 22, + I had The Eye of the Needle, a very well-written Graham Greene-like spy novel.  When we approached Portobello, I put down my book, + looked out of the window.  Just as well, since I was able to spot Kelly’s trimaran sitting in the bay, + we were able to get off the bus at the nearest point.  A beautiful-looking boat, called Survival.  I yelled a couple of times, + Lucy rowed out to pick us up.  Apparently, I looked like some friend of theirs – otherwise, we might not have received the welcome.  I rowed back (with a slight detour to collect an errant canoe.)   The canoe belonged to Gary, an American friend of theirs who lived in Portobello, who was also on board.  Kelly + Lucy both went out windsurfing, + when they got back, Val + a lack local guy went out to give it a try.  Val didn’t think she did very well, but she looked pretty good to me.  Later, Kelly + the black feller went fishing, + came back with a ray.  Then came the evening sexism, when Kelly, Gary + I went to the bar in town, leaving Lucy + Val to the cooking (the other feller had already left.)  We had a good time – the row across was very spooky (especially since we were a bit stoned), + we downed a few beers before rowing back.  Then, some excellent food, some more grass, + an improvised music session, accompanying some of Kelly’s native rhythm tapes.  Heavy, stoned stuff.

I am going to assume that Kelly and Lucy were people we had met at the Yacht Club at some point – those regular readers with good memories might know who they are, but can’t say I remember myself. Still, it gave us an excuse to get away from Colon for a bit, and though it clearly did not push us any further towards leaving, presumably there was nothing obvious in the pipeline. And it was good to socialise with people who were closer to our own way of thinking. And, of course, to access some drugs once again.

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