May 10th 1982

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A Panamanian “mola”

First stop of the day was the immigration office, which we visited with Dave.  No real problem there, but we did become very annoyed with him, since first he didn’t do what he said he would do, which was pay for our new visas, + secondly he had to get our names crossed off the crew list officially.  Petty man, as if we’d claim anything from him.  The outcome was we were returned to our old status – that is, we would have to leave by June 11th.

Back at the club, the job for the day was to clean the oil from the waterline of Lawrence’s boat.  We’d sort of volunteered ourselves yesterday, to pay off some sort of rent.  Of course, Dave had to involve himself in the project, but I suppose it was just as well, since first of all we had to repair some cracks in the plastic dinghy, + Dave supplied the filler material for that.  And then, we were pretty much left to our own devices for the rest of the day, which suited us fine.  Mind you, it was hard + messy work.  It was difficult to hold the dinghy in position enough to work properly on the hull, especially when we were working between the boat + its neighbour, when the water was very choppy, + the blasted boats kept coming together + trying to crush us.  And the oil was thick + heavily grimed in, so even when attacked with gunk + a strong detergent we didn’t really shift it.  It did look better, but it wasn’t the really slick job that I would have liked.  We finished at about 5, + took a long, leisurely shower.  Afterwards, we ran onto Fred the dentist, who invited us to the movies, with his wife, Ed Lesesne, + another guy, Bob Mathews.  We said sure, cleared it with Captain Dave, who seemed perfectly happy – he’s probably a sick of us as we are of him.  It was a good evening – we grabbed a hamburger + French fries, + then onto the cinema, all on base.  The film was “Blow Out” with John Travolta.  It was fairly entertaining + quite slick, but by no means a great film.  The best thing about the evening was that it was without the hassles attendant upon going out with Dave.  Everyone was calm + normal + we didn’t have to feel beholden to the boss.

And still, we are doing little more than kill time, but it is clear enough that our time there is not unlimited, that we need to find a way to keep moving. But it’s also good that our relationship with the people in the yacht Club – and with Dave and Monika – has not fractured entirely.

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