April 26th, 27th 1982

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Eddy on board Crusader

Not a spectacularly busy day.  D + M drove into town fairly early to arrange for our transit, returning with the news that it was set for Thursday.  Val + I were assigned various minor irritating little jobs to do around the boat, but considering the imminence of our departure, + the fact that there were still important things to do, we pretty much wasted our time.  We loaded 2 foldaway bikes on board, stowing them inside the canoe.  Once again, Val was busy with her sewing needle.  Still, a good meal in the evening, sort of spicy meatball things.

In terms of getting work done, Tuesday was very little different.  Once again, Dave + Monika spent much of the day tackling various administrative tasks, leaving a couple of jobs for us to get on with.  The electric and antenna wires running to the mast had to be fastened to the mast – Dave opting for utility rather than prettiness + twisting some old pieces of wire round the steps to hold them in place.  And then we had to screw on the ship’s bell.  In the afternoon, I started our farewell party early, chatting with Eddie, a young guy from the neighbouring boat, and drinking beer.  I also scrounged his tape recorder + a connecting lead, plus some tapes, + started taping, mostly light rock stuff.  However, those activities were curtailed at about 5.30 when the party proper began.  I’d already warned Val that I intended to get drunk, and that was what I proceeded to do.  Fairly sensibly, I stuck with the draught beer that Dave had laid on.  Val braved the Bacardi + coke.  However, neither of us had eaten anything since breakfast, so both beverages had the desired effect.  And I would say it was a very successful party.  Most people got drunk, and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves, with some people who never usually danced dancing.  Finally met Kelly (see March 17th)+ his very attractive girlfriend.  However, Val the life + soul.

All the evidence suggests that we will soon be on our way- farewell party is the biggest clue. Which cannot come too soon, so far as we are concerned.

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