April 25th 1982

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Val posing with beer (under the express directions of the Captain!)

…was a Sunday.  More than that, it was election day at the club, which took Dave away for the morning.  It would have been nice if Monika had gone too, so Val + I could have got on with listening to the music we like, but she was still around, so Val did some more sail-sewing, on the dinghy sail, while I started to plough thro’ a weather book – weather seems to be my assigned specialty.  Unfortunately, I didn’t understand very much at all.  Still, I persevered.  Dave returned at lunchtime with the news that the good guys (from our point of view anyway) had won most of the places, + to drag us off to a celebratory lunch of Chinese food at the club.  There were drinks afterwards of course, but Dave, then I, then Val excused ourselves slowly, + one by one returned to work, mainly getting Dave up the mast to fix the lights.

In the evening, D, M, me, John, Barbara + Ed went for a Chinese meal – Val was the sensible one who stayed behind to read + listen to music.  Unfortunately, they were all drunk, + I was sober.  To make things worse, a loud argument developed, sparked by club politics.  D + M continued when we got back.  For once, Dave was right.

Still finding it difficult to comment on the day, since the same thing is happening, over and over. Shouldn’t really have any complaints, but we were finding it frustrating.

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