April 24th 1982

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And yet more frustrating still.  Yesterday we did little – today we effectively did nothing.  Not quite true – Val was busy all day, even though she was just about the only one.  She was assigned the task of some more sail-sewing, and that lasted her up until about 3, when Dave decided work was over for the day.  I did virtually nothing.  I taped for a while.  Then I worked on the 2 foldaway bikes for a while – they too are going with us.  When I compare the clean, open, easy-to-work-on decks of the other boats with our cluttered mess, I could weep.  Oh well.  And D + M did absolutely nothing, so far as I could tell.  Anyway, as I said, an early finish to the day’s labours, which meant an early start to the evening’s drinking.  A good meal too, + then the Oscar show, 3 hours worth.  Val gave up early, but I watched to the bitter end.  “Chariots of Fire” won best picture, much to my surprise (and delight.)

Famously, the Oscar ceremony which announced that the “British are coming!” Otherwise, another of those sort of days. As you can probably tell, I am starting to run out of photos of Panama, but still a trick ot two up my sleeve.

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