April 18th, 19th 1982

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View of the deck from on high, including my Crusader crosses

A 2-day 1-page entry – I haven’t done one of those for a while, and I’m feeling tired.  Also, the 2 days were very similar in many respects.  However, Sunday morning started off, at least, weekend-style.  We all went out to visit Laurence + Claudia, our landlords, for breakfast.  All very pleasant – they have a beautiful house (tho’ somewhat marred, to my mind, by the presence of 3 bloody great Dobermanns) and the breakfast was excellent.  Returned around 12.30 or so, and began work.

Can’t really remember the different particular jobs for Sunday + Monday, but most of the time I was up the mast.  One general pattern has been to mark off on the wire stays their correct length, then I would unbolt them from the mast and lower them down, + Dave would take them into town to have loops spliced into them.  The trouble was, virtually every time they would manage to mess things up, , making the wire too short or too long, so we’d have to rig something up.  However, we got something done, even if it did take 3 times as long as it should have.  We also got the spreaders put on – I’ll admit I was rather nervous trying to fit them into their brackets – they would have made a nasty mess of the deck.  On Monday, we had to fashion the metal ends of the spreaders first – not easy, so I mostly left it to Val, who has more patience for such things.  I’m more or less comfortable going up the mast now – once I’m up there, + tied on, I’m even pretty comfortable.

A good meal Sunday night – sort of stuffed, rolled meat.  Ed Lesesne joined us, + it was interesting getting them both to talk about Vietnam.  War horrifies yet fascinates me.  The nuclear bomb vs Biggles, I suppose.  Monday night was another pizza night, with John, Barbara, + Buddy.  We’re getting rather fed up with them, but still I must admit I do enjoy the evening – plenty of beer, plenty of food.  Early nights Sun + Mon – I was shattered both nights.

Am becoming increasingly comfortable with working up high, and it certainly gives me a (spurioius?) sense of moderate expertise. I remember Dave telling me that I had obtained a marketable skill… but I had serious doubts.

Ed was one of Dave’s friends, a bit younger than him, and with the usual shattered home life – a wife and children elsewhere. Interesting to hear him talking of Vietnam, and the hostile reaction he had received upon returning; not the returning, conquering heroes, but finding themselves cast as the bad guys, being spat at, accused of mass murder.

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