April 17th 1982

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Awoken by Dave at around 4, twice (the first time didn’t register.)  Today really was moving day – Dave had the keys to the truck himself, so couldn’t be let down.  We loaded just a few things from the locker onto the truck, and then set off for Laurence’s beach house, me riding in the back.  I passed the time by reading a trashy novel, “The president’s Plane Is Missing”.  Then, at Lawrence’s, the work of the day.  By the time we’d finished, the truck was just about as full as it could be, + only a few things had to be left behind.  I had a cosy little hole left for me, + with a cushion beneath me, + the tarpaulin stretched over the whole thing as a roof, I was just fine.  An uneventful journey too, except when I had to yell at Dave to stop the truck because his ocelot skin was about to fly away.  We arrived at the storage place in good time, and then the workers there took over the bulk of the work.  They certainly knew their job too because they managed to pack it all in – bar about 3 boxes – into really what was a space not much different from a garden shed.  On the way back, I was able to make myself really comfortable – stretched out under the sun in my cushion reading my book.  And naturally enough, there was a beer stop.

After we returned, + just put away the very few items that hadn’t made it into storage, a lazy time.  Val washed the dishes, Monika washed the clothes, Dave disappeared somewhere or other, + I simultaneously watched telly + did some taping.  In the evening, we’d all been invited to a barbecue, a political affair thrown out by one group of contenders in the forthcoming club elections.  D + M are friends to many of them, so I reckon our invite was pretty automatic.  Plenty of booze, plenty of food – unfortunately, we’d just stuffed ourselves with pizza in the afternoon, so I at least couldn’t do full justice to things.  Also, from our point of view, the party was very dull, so it was good to be able to use our early start to the day as an excuse for leaving early… tho’ we were tired.

Just a day of acting as labour for Dave… which is fair enough, considering the way we are being treated.

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