April 16th 1982

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Gerd, Scott and Karin

Val was up with the lark – around 6 – so that we were able to get the others up, just by power of example really.  We inflated their dinghy, + then Scott rowed us in to the club.  A $3 taxi-ride got us to the station in good time to catch a train to take us back.  Val slept most of the way.  Then the dear old Yacht Club once again – breakfast, then work.  Up the mizzen mast I went, to release the side stays, so that they could be re-spliced at the right length.  I was nervous, I’ll admit, tho’ really with the bosun’s seat underneath you, it’s pretty comfortable.  After lunch, Dave took over, climbing right up to the top of the mizzen (the new one) while I went up the main, ready to take a line from Dave.  While he was up there, tho’, a tug went by at a good speed, creating a wake which rocked Dave about 5 feet in each direction, as the mizzen wasn’t tied down properly.  This caused Dave top abandon his plan of fixing a line from one mast to the other, so I was able to come down.  It was just as well, since, sitting in an uncomfortable + precarious position over the highest spreaders, I’d got myself a touch of cramp.  Very silly… I’d spent 20 mins perched up[ there doing nothing.  The experience with the tug pissed Dave off considerably, so that was effectively the end of the day’s work.  Buddy joined us for the evening meal – it was nice to have some additional company.  As usual, of course, a magnificent meal – chicken, mashed potato, salad, corn.

As for the world news, nothing really new as yet: the Royal Navy are still steaming towards the Falklands; there’s a 200 mile surrounding blockade around the islands which the Argentinians haven’t breached as yet; + Al Haig is jetting backwards + forwards between BA + London.  The US is seeking a middle course between what is right + sensible + what is wrong + foolish.  I still don’t know whether Bob is there.

And a pleasant close to what had been both interesting and enjoyable… as well as, in the end, providing a good story. Good too to be away from the Crusader for a while, where we really did feel ourselves sort of taken over. But back to work, and reasonably productive, moving towards leaving Panama and setting off into the ocean. About which, by the way, we were surprisingly sanguine. I don’t suppose I would be so unconcerned nowadays.

Housekeeping – apologies for a week’s silence, the result of a week in remote Wales – no internet, no phone.

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