April 12th, 13th 1982

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Torrential rain once again today.  Just as well we had planned nothing more than taking care of various admin things.  First off, early, without even waiting for breakfast, was the Immigration Dept, for us to renew our visas, but it was closed, so off to the Army hospital for some injections for Monika.  Back at Immigration, + the business completed with little difficulty… once Dave paid the woman a tip.  Then the local health centre, for injections for Val + me.  The place was overcrowded + seedy, + they didn’t have the typhoid stuff, but were efficient about giving us the other 2.  Breakfast then – hamburgers – followed by driving round to a succession of places for Dave to attend to things while we sat in the car and read.  Important things – but we didn’t need to be there.  Val did some sewing in the afternoon, while I drilled some pieces of wood for use as fender bars – not very difficult.  Steak in the evening, then a TV movie, then cards + bed.

On, off, on, off.  Rain yesterday, shine today.  In the morning, Val got on with the laundry, then tidying the rope on deck, then checking the life-raft with Dave.  I was playing at sign-writer, painting on the word Crusader on the boat.  Fortunately, they had some stencils, but they didn’t really fit, + were a bit broken + battered, + anyway I had to paint it on an awkward spot, so it was pretty difficult.  However, got it done, and made a fair job, so at least partly successful.  In the afternoon, Val had to sew a patch on a sail – very hard work – while I was up the mast screwing.  Screwing on a storm-sail track, that is.  It’s quite comfortable working up there, once the seat is rigged up underneath you.  Monika was ill all day, suffering from the effects of her injections, + wasn’t up to accompanying Val, Dave, Buddy + I for a pizza.  A good meal.

A normal day, dealing with minor chores, and stopping early enough to enjoy a sociable meal in the evening.  Pleased that I seem pretty comfortable working on the mast now; by no means in my comfort zone, but it can be good to challenge oneself.

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