April 11th 1982

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The Easter party

Easter Day today – the holidays keep rolling round.  We were able to celebrate with a lie-in, since it was evident that today was not going to be a work day.  When we arrived at Crusader, Monika was just finishing painting some eggs.  She is a fine artist, especially with miniatures, + had done a good job.  They were decorations for an Easter brunch to be held this morning.  She had left one egg, so I had a go at that one, painting a Maltese cross on one side, + a crossed  US + British flags on the other – I was quite pleased with my effort.  Then the brunch.  Fortunately, good weather.  Very informal, rather too much so, maybe – the drink was fine, a succession of incredibly strong punches, but the food was not plentiful enough + not well-organised.  One was supposed to obtain individually prepared + cooked (one at a time) omelettes, which sounds nice, but which slowed things down considerably.  I for one gave up waiting, and concentrated on the booze.  As a result, I got very drunk, tho’ this time I believe I didn’t disgrace myself.  Oh, I nearly forgot – Val looked very pretty.    She’d borrowed a very attractive black dress from Monika.

As the party broke up, Dave said something about driving to another pirate-days castle at San Lorenzo.  I didn’t fancy it much, so skipped off to visit the other Dave, the Englishman.  Chatted with him for a while and then bought 4 Genesis tapes.  In the afternoon, all I could manage was to collapse on board, + let Peter Gabriel blast out from the speakers.  Naturally, after a time I developed a hangover, so retired to the bar for orange juice.  The others returned about 6, having had a pretty fair time.  Monika was dead to the world by now, having over-indulged even more than me, it seems, so Val cooked dinner for us – I enjoyed it, but think Dave was determined not to.  A lazy day – well, Easter is a holiday.

More social occasions, which are all very pleasant, though I do seem to be getting into a habit of inebriation.

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