April 10th 1982

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A long day, a long day.  Dave came knocking at our door at 10 past 5 – not entirely unexpected, since we were hoping to start work at 6, but a shade unnecessary, quite so early.  The job for the day was to transport D + M’s various belongings into storage over the other side.  We had to be there by 12.30, when the place shut – hence the early start.  However, we were borrowing the Yacht Club truck to transport everything, and so had to wait for the driver to turn up.  And he didn’t.  Once the final deadline for starting the project had passed, Dave went over to ask the captain of a big Greek ship if they’d help put our mast up, + they refused.  Then it seemed as if the rainy season had come early – it just poured + poured – so all round it was a pretty depressing morning.  Dave didn’t help by deciding to fill in the time with giving Val a first navigation lesson – she really wasn’t in the mood, but Dave wasn’t perceptive enough to realise it. 

Anyway, after a while, Dave decided we’d go out to the places where his stuff was, down on the coast, and sort thro’ it.  It turned out to be a good idea in the end, altho’ at first we didn’t think so, because it turned out to be interesting.  First stop was at their old house, where Dave still had what was basically uninteresting old junk, + Val + I wished we hadn’t come.  But then we moved on to Lawrence’s beach house, where the bulk of their stuff is, and that turned out to be much more fun, just like cleaning thro’ an attic or something.  It was quite a sociable day too – D + M were in far better humour, and we were able to laugh + joke with them a good deal.  Out of the discarded goods, we did quite well – a beautiful sun-dress for Val, some molas (the local weaving) which were really beautiful, an Army jacket for me (to keep the rain out), + a pocket chess set.

Then home – it was dark by now, since we’d spent the whole day there, sorting (+ drinking.)  We went out for a Chinese meal – we seem to alternate a Chinese with a pizza – and, as usual, it was pretty good.  One certainly can’t complain about our physical treatment – we live incredibly well.  I just wish we could get moving.

The sort of day we have become used to: an activity planned, abandoned, changed. Not that this was anyone’s fault. And, in the end, by no means an unprofitable day, and one ending, as has so often been the case, with good food, drink, company…

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