April 7th 1982

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The yacht club from up high

Back in the water day today – we reported for work at more or less the usual time, since Dave told us last night that we wouldn’t be heading down the ramp till about 11, close to full tide.  So by the time we had breakfasted and got outside again, Roberto had given a second coat to the area just below the water-line, all the way around, the area most in need of protection.  So it was a pretty lazy morning, just clearing up and touching up one or two places.  Then down.  Quite exciting, it was.  We’d come up the ramp very slowly, edging up and checking every inch of the way.  Going down, the idea was to get you back in the water as fast as possible, before you have a chance to fall over, a bit like going down a roller-coaster ramp at Disneyland… only not going up again the other side.  As it happened, it turned out a dream, straight down, and floating immediately.  The next stage was to dock again, only at the fuel dock, close to the ramp – I don’t know why, but then 90% of what Dave does is a total mystery to me.  The docking went pretty smoothly, tho’ again Dave got a bit panicky about things.  To celebrate tho’, the 4 of us, along with John + Barbara, retired to the bar, + then all of us arranged to go out for pizza in the evening.  Clearly tho’, it was thought that the work for the day was finished.  Certainly, no work was assigned, and neither Val nor I are at the stage where we can assign any for ourselves.  Anyway, eventually the evening came around, and the Magnificent Six headed into town to the pizza parlour.  It seemed the ritual was for the men to head straight off to a bar, while the women ordered + sat in the parlour, so Val + I fulfilled our allotted sex roles.  The bar was seedy – I was pleased to have the chance to see it in relatively safe company.  Both John + Dave are relatively big drinkers – I would think Dave is on the verge of being an alcoholic (he says the difference between drunks + alcoholics is that we drunks don’t go to those meetings) taking big slugs of spirits at all hours.  Anyway, the pizzas were good.  British Navy, still Falkland bound.

Actually sounds like a pretty good day: work matters going well, and a pleasant enough social occasion.

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