April 6th 1982

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The crew – Chris, Val, Monika, Roberto, Dave

The rest of the painting was to be done today: a thick black line around the water-line, and then on to the bottom paint – thick, unpleasant stuff, designed to kill off growth on the hull.  And then we started to run out of the blue paint, the colour of the hull that was already there, so we finished off the bottom part, the keel etc, with red, thus finally finishing, some time later than we’d hoped, at around 6.30, with a multi-coloured creature.  It did look good tho’: that had to be admitted.  We did slow down considerably as the day wore on, especially with the brushes getting thick + heavy.  Still, finally it was done, and we had clean-up time, by no means an easy matter.  We’d both worked wearing as little as possible – Dave, as usual, had done very little all day, tho’ Monika had patched up a rotten part of the hull – so we had paint in the most unlikely of places.  Then dinner, and a relatively early night (I retired to the cool of the bar to write the diary for a time.)

Well, if I had been complaining previously about little getting done, it was clear that today was a full day’s (hard) work, and coming close-up with some pretty nasty stuff.  But we’re still here, forty years on, and it doesn’t seem to have killed us yet.

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